About Shoestring Press

Shoestring Press regrets that it is unable to consider unsolicited TSS for the foreseeable future.

We specialise in publishing poetry sequences and collections, usually by:

  • Established but unfashionable poets.
  • Poets we are introducing to British readers for the first time, though they may be well known elsewhere.

We pay particular attention to layout and illustrative material which is legitimately part of the verbal text or vigorously enhances it.

As well as publishing works by UK poets, we have a selection of poetry and fiction by Greek and Australian authors.

Publisher: Mr John Lucas

Critical Praise

“The wonderful Shoestring Press”

David Morley – reviewing William Scammell’s Night Watch

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“Now that the best poetry comes from small presses, the Shoestring, with its quality poetry and paper, is one to keep an eye on”

Herbert Lomas  – Ambit – reviewing poet Martin Stannard

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“The excellent Shoestring Press”

David Constantine –  Times Literary Supplement – reviewing Yannis Varveris’s Mr Fogg

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“The enterprising and highly active Shoestring Press”

Peter Barry – Oxford Journals: English, Summer 2002