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  • Judith Wilkinson

    Judith Wilkinson

    Judith Wilkinson, born in 1959, is a British poet and translator, living in Groningen, the Netherlands. She has won many...

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  • In an Unguarded Moment

    In an Unguarded Moment

    By Hanny Michaelis Selected Poems Translated by Judith Wilkinson Price: £12.00 ISBN: 978-1-915553-12-6 Number of pages: 128 Poetry, English translated from the...

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  • In Desert

    In Desert

    By Judith Wilkinson Price: £10.00 ISBN: 978-1-912524-89-1 Number of pages: 78 Poetry, English, Paperback, 135x210mm The poems in this collection enact...

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  • Under a Giant Sky

    Under a Giant Sky

    Selected Poems by Toon Tellegen Price: £15.00 ISBN: 978-1-912524-44-0 Number of pages: 258 Paperback, 135x210mm Translated from the Dutch by...

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  • City of Sandcastles

    City of Sandcastles

    By Hagar Peeters Translated from Dutch by Judith Wilkinson Price: £12.00 ISBN: 978-1-912524-18-1 112 pages, paperback, 135x210mm Hagar Peeters, born in...

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  • Canyon Journey

    Canyon Journey

    By Judith Wilkinson Illustrated by Ditty Doornbos Price: £9.00 ISBN: 978-1-910323-53-3 135mmx210mm, paperback, 40pp including 14 colour illustrations This collection...

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  • A Man and an Angel

    A Man and an Angel

    By Toon Tellegen Translated by Judith Wilkinson Price: £9.00 ISBN: 978-1-907356-73-5 In this new collection by the internationally acclaimed Dutch...

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  • Tightrope Dancer

    Tightrope Dancer

    By Judith Wilkinson Price: £9.00 ISBN: 978 1 907356 16 2 Judith Wilkinson is a poet and prize-winning translator. Tightrope...

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  • Instead of Silence

    Instead of Silence

    By Miriam Van Hee Price: £8.95 ISBN: 1 904886 45 7 Judith Wilkinson‘s translations of Miriam Van Hee’s Instead of...

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  • Toon Tellegen

    Toon Tellegen

    Toon Tellegen is considered one of Holland’s finest poets and has received many awards. His tragicomic poems convey human predicaments...

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