A Frame Less Perfect

A Frame Less Perfect

By R.A.White

Price: £7.50

ISBN: 978-1-915553-11-9

Number of pages: 40

Poetry, English, Paperback, 135x210mm

A Frame Less Perfect is the debut collection of poems by R.A. White who lives in Hadleigh, Suffolk.

Themes include relationships, history, home, nature, family, remembrance, love, cancer, summer days, football, death, art, perception, regret, companionship, Covid and alienation.

This is a pamphlet that is arresting, elusive, non-formulaic and eclectic but touches on experiences that may resonate with readers.

until colour drowning sound
fades like a dream
as we lay silent
only words remain
what we always knew but could not say.

From ‘What we always knew but could not say’