By Rosemary Norman

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ISBN: 978-1-915553-07-2

Number of pages: 48

Poetry, English, Paperback, 135x210mm

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“When you cannot see this sign the
river is underwater.”
The world’s stupidest signs (ed. Evens)

…so he rides a year and a day
until it’s April
and he can hope once again
for a sign, not the jutting
board or alphabet
that leapfrogs when he looks
but sky illegibly at work
on flat water
overcome by what it announces.

Rosemary Norman was born in London and has worked mainly as a librarian. This is her third collection from Shoestring Press, following Italics (2010) and For Example (2016). With video artist Stuart Pound she makes poetry films that can be seen online at Moving Poems and elsewhere.