Where the Dead Walk

Where the Dead Walk

By Angela Kirby

Price: £10.00

ISBN: 978-1-912524-99-0

Number of pages: 68

Poetry, English, Paperback, 135x210mm

Angela Kirby was born, 1932, in rural Lancashire between the cotton mills, but now lives in London. She has also lived in France and spent much times in both Spain and the USA. Her widely published poems have been translated into Romanian, read on TV and Radio Four, appeared On the Buses, and won prizes and commendations in several major competitions while she was twice the BBC Wildlife ‘Poet of the Year’. Shoestring Press has published her five previous collections.

Where the Dead Walk is a compelling collection of heartfelt poems that, for the most part, beautifully evoke an era in England now gone. Nostalgia, regret and celebration are all involved and the telling images from that era make these vignettes spring to life. Angela Kirby’s voice is direct, unadorned, the tone serious and occasionally playful, even with surprising punch lines. She shows with a refreshing candour the pain of relationships going wrong, of dementia, of old age, the grief of losing a loved one yet the consolation that those once loved, even if deceased, are somehow still with her. She is clever and playful at times with satire, self-mockery and colloquial speech, unafraid to demonstrate at the same time her classical and literary learning. In general this is a charming, tender, delicate yet strong collection. The series of poems on disparate themes somehow seem sewn together by the silver needle of a poet who knows her craft and whose lines are true.” – Patricia McCarthy

Reviews for Look Left, Look Right

“Poems that look unflinchingly at old age and death, such as Winter is Well Advanced and Letter to my Mother, go hand in hand with poems such as Bienvenidos and To Flavius, which almost leer with their worldly appetites and bawdy, swaggering humour. In Just Visiting these two poles of grim inquiry and lashing wit synthesise to carefully understated effect… Look Left, Look Right… navigates its subject matter cannily and sees Angela Kirby still striding very much ahead.” – Andrew Nielsen, Magma

“Kirby’s poetics are honed with a scalpel. Her craftsmanship is both unassuming and ruthlessly efficient. Some of her satirical barbs are unforgiving. But for all that she refuses to pull a single punch, it is also a tremendously rich and sensuous and ebullient poetry, particularly when she writes of food, travel and experience (the three and generally interlinked); and, in pieces as diverse as ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’ and ‘Alexander the Great in Vienna’, unexpectedly hilarious. It is the poetry of someone who has lived and laughed and revelled in the good times, and kicked back against everything else.” – Neil Fulwood, The London Grip