Summer / Break

Summer / Break

By Richie McCaffery

Price: £10.00

ISBN: 978-1-915553-03-4

Number of pages: 70

Poetry, English, Paperback, 135x210mm

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In Summer 2018, Richie McCaffery and his long-term partner moved from Ghent, Belgium to Northumberland, settling a year later in the old market town of Alnwick. At first they were happy, adjusting to a part of the world they both knew well already. However, Covid and ‘self-isolation’ cast a shadow over their domestic contentment and in Summer 2021, McCaffery’s partner left unexpectedly. This collection is the account of before, during and after a life-changing breakup.

‘I tend to think of [McCaffery] as a modern, Northumbrian Wordsworth: full of bucolic non-whimsy and human insight […] after two collections [he] is increasingly assured, in an unobtrusive voice all his own […] [he] has developed a knack for leaving it up to us to find the parallels in his tempered, pithy and frequently memorable poems’ – Rory Waterman, PN Review

‘Richie McCaffery’s [work] leaves you with a sense of experiencing something much greater than you might have thought possible in such a light package. […] There is no suggestion of jam-packing too much in. The art is in a straight-talking narration, close to matter-of-fact but judiciously highlit when it really counts. […] From the flex in the nib of a family fountain-pen to the thought of a beard likened to biro scratchings, this poet makes confident marks and turns phrases of accuracy and wisdom.’ – Ian Stephen, Northwords Now

‘I really like these meticulous, direct poems. And one thing I’m struck by is the surprises: just when I think I know where I am – because this poet’s excellent, in very few words, at conjuring scene and cast – he pulls the rug from under me, and reveals something unexpected, and deep.’ – Charlotte Gann, Sphinx

Richie McCaffery lives in Warkworth, Northumberland and is the author of four poetry pamphlets, including Spinning Plates (HappenStance Press, 2012) and First Hare (Mariscat Press, 2020). He’s published two book-length collections, both with Nine Arches Press – Cairn (2014) and Passport (2018). As an editor, he’s published Finishing the Picture: Collected Poems of Ian Abbot (Kennedy and Boyd, 2015), The Tiny Talent: Selected Poems by Joan Ure (Brae Editions, 2018) and Sydney Goodsir Smith: Essays on his life and work (Brill, 2020).