John Gohorry: Bold Heart

John Gohorry: Bold Heart

Edited by Stuart Henson

Price: £10.00

ISBN: 978-1-912524-78-5

Number of pages: 114

Poems from Ten Books & Essays by Divers Hands, English, Paperback, 135x210mm

Bold Heart is Shoestring Press’s tribute to John Gohorry, one of its most gifted and original authors who died unexpectedly in October 2021.

It gathers a selection of his poems from titles ranging across his five-decade career and matches them with essays and reviews by fellow writers.

The editor’s aim has been to present the full range of John Gohorry’s achievement and to draw attention to the breadth and depth of his literary preoccupations, setting them in the context of a life lived with boundless energy, enthusiasm and generosity of spirit.

It includes poems from his earliest publications, A Voyage Round the Moon (1985) and Talk Into the Late Evening, a Poetry Book Society Recommendation in 1992, and essays about several of his major works, from The Coast of Bohemia (1981) through to his later politically-charged Squeak, Budgie! (2019). A number of the poems are from magazines and internet journals that have appeared in the past year. It also publishes for the first time his biographical prose-poem ‘An Admirer of Francis Ponge Revisits Holcombe, Devon’ (2022).

Contributors include George Szirtes, Glyn Pursglove, Stephanie Norgate, Stuart Henson, Peter Bennet, John Greening, Merryn Williams, David Van-Cauter and John Lane.

An article by Stuart Henson about John Gohorry can be found on The Poetry Society website: What’s in a Name? – the many selves of John Gohorry