A Customised Selection of Fireworks

A Customised Selection of Fireworks

By Dominic Fisher

Price: £10.00

ISBN: 978-1-915553-01-0

Number of pages: 74

Poetry, English, Paperback, 135x210mm

Dominic Fisher taught English language for many years, first in Turkey and Spain, and then in the UK in Bristol. His poems, now his main preoccupation, have been successful in major competitions and have been widely published and broadcast. He is a co-editor of Raceme magazine, and regularly gives readings, both in his own right and as a member of poetry performance group the IsamBards. This, his second collection, is his first published by Shoestring Press.

“From the precise re-membering of ‘Nocturnes’ and ‘Indoor Fireworks’, through the extraordinary beauty of ‘Walking Through a Half Open Book,’ to the genius of a culinary-minded Captain Hook swapping his prosthesis for a meringue-whisk, Dominic Fisher walks the high-wire of poetry, balancing surrealism with intense observation and an always erudite and playful love of words.” – Deborah Harvey

“This poem I put on my ‘read again’ pile four times, knowing I couldn’t consume it all at one sitting – which is ultimately, I think, what I want from a poem.” – Helen Ivory, judging Dominic Fisher’s winning entry for the Bristol Poetry Prize 2018, subsequently included in his first collection The Ladies and Gentlemen of the Dead (The Blue Nib 2019)
“This is an outstanding collection by a writer with a distinct, compelling voice. Fisher is clearly fascinated by how opposites are really so close to each other: the living and the dead, work and play, the rural and the urban, the ordinary everyday and the complex.” – Richard Lance Keeble, Professor of Journalism, University of Lincoln, Visiting Professor, Liverpool Hope University, on The Ladies and Gentlemen of the Dead