Near the Border

Near the Border

New and Selected Poems 1980–2022

By: Andrew Sant

Price: £15.00

ISBN: 978-1-912524-67-9

Number of pages: 384

Poetry, English, Paperback, 135x210mm

If, as has been said, Sant is “an important, innovative poet” with a “penetrating eye for the hidden geometries of meaning” it is because, whatever his subject, the vision it draws out of him is there to be his and the subject, like the insight, has come as naturally to him as leaves are to trees. – Elizabeth Knottenbelt, Agenda

Andrew Sant writes intellectually compelling and formally taut poems … made possible when an exceptional facility with language collides with everyday subjects. – Brian Henry, PN Review

Sant’s accomplished, cosmopolitan style gains from repeated exposure. “Pleasure” has been a word much trivialised of late when talking about poetry, but Sant’s poems provide that all-too-rare commodity. – Nicholas Birns, Verse

In what is now a significant body of work we should see Andrew Sant, in this new book, in its approachable eloquence and its formal and musical intelligence as, in his phrase, a new “passport into immersion”. – Adam Phillips, The Guardian

One of Sant’s great gifts is his ability to wed naturalness with thematic abstraction … This is poetry for lending, sharing, travelling – this collection wants to move. – Lucy Van, Cordite

Perhaps what makes Sant a distinctive and distinguished poet is his craftsmanship … Poem after poem radiates a quickened, nervous energy and an active sense of engagement with the task and processes of apprehending the world. – Paul Hetherington, Australian Book Review

Andrew Sant’s new collection is seriously good … In a book crammed with excellent poems it’s difficult to point to any without feeling others deserve equal attention. – John Lucas, Critical Survey