Here at the Door

Here at the Door

By Michael Alexander

Price: £7.00

ISBN: 978-1-912524-97-6

Number of pages: 32

Poetry, English, Paperback, 135x210mm

Michael Alexander’s verse translations, The Earliest English Poems and Beowulf, are regarded as classics. Many poets, from W H Auden to Seamus Heaney, have included them in anthologies. The Penguin editions of these translations have sold a million copies. Agenda Editions published Alexander’s Twelve Poems in 1978.

Alexander worked in publishing and in the Universities of California and Stirling. He held the chair of English Literature at the University of St Andrews. The verdict of the Times Literary Supplement on his recent introductory book, Reading Shakespeare, was ‘Infinite riches in a little room’. The Times Higher Educational Supplement wrote, of his History of English Literature, ‘If I had my way, every student of English would be supplied with a copy of this book.’