Death in the Family

Death in the Family

By David Belbin

Price: £10.00

ISBN: 978-1-912524-64-8

Number of pages: 294

Crime Fiction, English, Paperback, 127x203mm

Bilal’s sister, Nazia, is accused of having murdered her husband, Omar, because she’s having an affair with old flame, Nick Cane. Nick is being investigated by journalist Pete Carlson. He’s trying to prove that Cane is at the centre of a Nottingham drugs cartel.

It’s 2001 and there’s a General Election. Sarah Bone MP is likely to lose her seat in parliament. The last thing she wants is to be dragged into a messy murder where her ex-boyfriend is under suspicion. But Omar’s brother Fahd won’t take no for an answer.

Death runs through every family. This long-awaited novel is a tense, intricate mystery featuring an unforgettable group of characters with deep, tangled roots.

This self-contained mystery is the fourth in David Belbin’s Bone and Cane sequence of novels, which have been widely praised in The Guardian, Times, Telegraph, Big Issue and elsewhere, with reviews from writers including Laura Wilson, Cathi Unsworth, Joan Smith and Stephen Booth, who described the last Bone and Cane novel, The Great Deception, as ‘delicious’. Shoestring published Belbin’s Provenance, New and Collected short stories, in 2016.