Brooksong & Shadows

Brooksong & Shadows

By Lynne Wycherley

Price: £9.00

ISBN: 978-1-912524-91-4

Number of pages: 58

Poetry, English, Paperback,


Lynne Wycherley’s new collection, which draws deeply on her local Devon landscape, stretches from the tragic years, 1914–1918, to the troubling uncertainties of present times, from the overhanging shadow of war to the recuperative powers of the natural world; and in her always lyric voice she registers the enduring presence of rivers, starscapes, hills and shores, as well as the
work of farmhands and other labourers, from lace-making to milk shed. While never losing her lyric assuredness, Wycherley continually registers the changing nature of rural circumstance, including its human and animal depletions, as well as its resilience and solaces.

From reviews of her collections:

“Deft, delicate… gifted with a musical, numinous quality… Many of these poems deserve to be anthologised forever.” – Agenda

“Dressed in a beautiful lightness of touch… titanic in its strength and its vulnerability.” – Julian Nangle, Poetry Editor of Self & Society

“One of the greatest pleasures of this poetry is the intensely visual experience… If Lynne Wycherley is a visual poet, she is also a visionary one” – London Grip

“Here is that deep lyricism, that concentration and economy that so distinguishes her work. For speak her words aloud, hear their music” – Keith McFarlane, Acumen