Owl Songs

Owl Songs

By Hubert Moore

Price: £10.00

ISBN: 978-1-912524-82-2

Number of pages: 80

Poetry, English, Paperback, 120x165mm

Views of The Feeding Station (Shoestring Press, 2019)

‘Moore’s constant readers will find his characteristic virtues – intelligence, lucidity, and a ready eye for the ironies of everyday life – renewed in this elegiac collection. But here, more than ever, these qualities draw strength from intertwining symbols (revenants, birds, bird-flight….), and the way successive poems begin to trace the outlines of a larger theme: understanding often approaches quietly from the side.’ – M.W. Rowe, author of Philip Larkin: Art and Self (2011)

‘Moore’s poetry is a sea that proceeds in waves of themes and waves of intensity. Some of the poems are very funny, like a sudden flick of spray; others are deeply moving, not nostalgic but on the brink of the chasm of memory. Moore doesn’t force meaning on the reader. He does the noticing and leads you some way towards meaning but with enough scope for you to do your own seeing. It is very generous writing.’ – Benjamin Hannavy Cousen, artist, creator of Rings of Saturn (Merville Galleries)