By John Fuller

Price: £8.00

ISBN: 978-1-912524-74-7

Number of pages: 120

Novel, English, Paperback, 127x203mm

Of John Fuller’s most recent novel, The Clock in the Forest, also published by Shoestring Press, the reviewer in the Times Literary Supplement remarked that the writer’s career, ‘spanning sixty years, fourteen poetry collections and now nine novels, has been characterised by sustained achievement,’ including many prizes and awards. This new work, brief and brilliant, is certain to add lustre to John Fuller’s already glittering reputation.

Praise for The Clock in the Forest

“John Fuller’s remarkable career has been characterised by sustained achievement: a prize-winning poet in the 1960s, he was the recipient of the Whitbread Award for fiction in 1983, and published a highly-regarded study of W. H. Auden just before the turn of the millennium. Even Fuller, however, might not have expected to have invented a new genre of fiction at the age of eighty-two. But here it is, the autofictional pastoral, and what a jolly wheeze it is.” – Times Literary Supplement

“Rich in wanly comic or sententious phrase-making, modulating at times into the kinetic subtlety of his finest poems.” – James Booth, Standpoint

“A beautiful book, cleverly and elegantly constructed, and moving too” – Christopher Reid

“Deeply satisfying and deeply unsettling.” – Edward Mendelson