By Paul Binding

Price: £6.00

ISBN: 978-1-912524-45-7

Number of pages: 28

Poetry, English, Paperback, 148x210mm

Redstreaks is named for the most famous of Herefordshire cider apples, and the characters who people this sequence know, at different times and in different ways, a feeling of kinship with the fruit. As in Chad Hedger and Friends (Shoestring Press, 2019), the poems in Binding’s new book interrelate and form a sequence, though each can (and should) be read, and lived in, as an independent entity.

The Marches has been Paul Binding’s home for thirty years and by now he finds it impossible to imagine this being otherwise. But he brings to his life here experiences of elsewhere—the North of England, Germany where he spent his early childhood, the United States, the Netherlands, Italy—and above all his ongoing relationship to Norway, Denmark and Sweden, which have fed his spirit since his twenties.

‘Like Ibsen, the author seeks to dive below the surface in order to expose the conflicts, frailties and hypocrisies that bedevil men and women. An immersive and high-quality read.’ – The Stranger from the Sea (novel), Elizabeth Buchan, Daily Mail

‘The enigmatic and wonderfully named Hedger comes alive in glimpses, snatches of talk and behaviour. And he has quite a supporting cast… There are powerful individual poems and the sequence as a whole—in its images, its intensity of feeling—is compelling.’ – Chad Hedger and Friends (poems) John Greening, The Times Literary Supplement

Of Redstreaks, Peter Conradi writes, ‘These intriguing poems are like rock-pools, full of intricate and brilliant, inter-connected life. Paul Binding’s fine poem sequence celebrates the Welsh-English Marches, their language and stories. A remarkable achievement.’