Paper Cut

Paper Cut

By Hamish Whyte

Price: £10.00

ISBN: 978-1-912524-69-3

Number of pages: 74

Poetry, English, Paperback, 135x210mm

Hamish Whyte was born near Glasgow where he lived before moving to Edinburgh in 2004. He has published several poetry collections and edited many anthologies. He runs the award-winning Mariscat Press. He’s been a librarian, indexer and crime fiction reviewer. He’s a member of Edinburgh’s Shore Poets and plays drums in two bands.  This is his fourth Shoestring collection.

On Things We Never Knew

‘Hamish Whyte’s tightly crafted vignettes are meticulously observed and subtly nuanced. Whether perusing his boyhood haunts or a leafy city garden he evokes the whateverness of things with a deft sense of period and milieu and lovely character touch. Time and again an apposite image or aperçu pins down a poem with economy and poise. And his familial memories, fondly threaded with humour, illumine the joys and tremors governing our own lives.’ – Stewart Conn

‘A poet at the lucid summit. [He] presents us with instants of great emotional depth in a manner that seems beguilingly simple.’ – Mandy Haggith, Northwords Now

On Now the Robin

Hamish Whyte is writing in the present, in the small world of everyday and its birds… where (for the birds) it’s all about the basics of survival. So a pared-back simplicity in language suits this subject. We need poets like Hamish Whyte to continue naming what we see—­and showing the world so exactly.’ – D A Prince, Sphinx