Winter Crossings

Winter Crossings

By Alexis Lykiard

Price: £10.00

ISBN: 978-1-912524-62-4

Number of pages: 66

Poetry, English, Paperback, 135x210mm

Born in Athens under the Occupation, Alexis Lykiard moved with his mother to the UK in 1946, during the Civil War that followed World War Two. In 1957 he won the first Open English Scholarship to King’s College Cambridge, graduating with a First.

An acclaimed translator from French, as well as novelist, Lykiard’s most recent prose publication is Jean Rhys Afterwords (Shoestring 2006).

His work is well known for its boldness and wit: marking Lykiard’s eightieth birthday, this latest poetry collection includes reflections on ageing and mortality, travel and memory, love and friendship.

Schooled For Life (2015)

“Clever, engaging, and very easy to read. It’s a brilliant bit of writing… some of the best autobiographical poetry I’ve read for a very long time, saving, as always, Larkin.” – Kevin Bailey, Haiku Quarterly

“Bitingly satirical and mischievously satyrical by turns but always classically-Attically aphoristic, these poems may be enjoyed for their allusiveness just as much as for their neatly-turned wit and banter.” – Catherine Eisner

Getting On (2012)

“A big, strong, clever book, full of bright wit and dexterously crafted poems.” – Andy Croft, Morning Star

“Few can doubt Lykiard’s sheer linguistic gusto… One feels from Lykiard’s muscularly sensual and richly nourishing verse that here yet, in spite of age, writes a poet in his prime – and it’s ‘a prime’ which is as potent as it is prolific.” – Alan Morrison, The Recusant