By Christine McNeill

Price: £10.00

ISBN: 978-1-912524-63-1

Number of pages: 68

Poetry, English, Paperback, 135x210mm

The Austrian poet Alois Hergouth (1925–2002) said that ‘Sehnsucht is something we shall never comprehend’. It can be defined as an intense longing, usually connected to a feeling that the object, condition, or time span of one’s longing is unattainable. Sehnsucht bridges the gap between reality and possibilities.

With this as its central impetus, the collection focuses on ways of looking at art, spirituality, old age, natural disasters, identity, and personal freedom.

Christine McNeill was born in Vienna and has published the poetry collections Kissing the Night (Bloodaxe), The Outsider, The Scent Gallery, First and Last Music, Still Life (all with Shoestring Press). She has translated Rilke’s poem cycle The Life of the Virgin Mary (Dedalus Press), and co-translated Rilke’s The Book of Hours (Agenda Editions).

On Still Life:

“All is captured in an apparent stillness that has the dynamic of being there, a natura morta that is death in life, agonizing but existing in all its yearning, a seeming immobility. ‘Final Image’ demonstrates very well McNeill’s ability to merge factual and abstract, tactile sensations and transcendence in her compelling lines.” – Carla Scarano, The London Grip Poetry Review

On First and Last Music:

“The first thought that Christine McNeill’s title inspires is, ‘Is this a collection about music—perhaps its relationship with poetry—or is this just a metaphor for life and death?’ She has succeeded in making the book all these things.” – Dilys Wood, Artemis Poetry

On The Scent Gallery:

“Christine McNeill keeps form courteously in the background until the content forces you to realize just how delicate her touch has been…” – William Bedford, Agenda