Gold to Gold

Gold to Gold

By John Mole

Price: £10.00

ISBN: 978-1-912524-53-2

Number of pages: 74

Paperback, 135x210mm


John Mole lives in Hertfordshire. He has been a teacher and for many years ran the Mandeville Press with Peter Scupham. His work has received the Gregory and Cholmondeley Awards, and his poetry for children the Signal Award. As a broadcaster, he has presented feature programmes on Robert Graves, C.H. Sorley and E.J. Scovell, and his review essays for Encounter, collected as Passing Judgements, was described by Terry Eagleton in the TLS as ‘striking just the right balance between high critical discourse and racy journalese’. His most recent collection of poems is Gestures and Counterpoints (Shoestring Press, 2017).

‘It is not just the spilling out of our innermost feelings, the catharsis, that is important, but rather the crafting of those feelings into art. This is what John Mole does in this collection, a glowing achievement , following on from a lifetime’s work of huge variation and skill. I cannot recommend it too highly.’ Wendy Klein reviewing Gestures and Counterpoints in London Grip.

‘A John Mole poem is a delicate construct—its syntax and line breaks fix a moment of intensity, or record a transformation.’ – John Greening, TLS

‘Mole’s poems combine toughness with tenderness. A journey through this dazzling collection reminds us that poems can not only dance, but fly, in space, through time.’ – Alison Brackenbury reviewing The Point of Loss in Poetry Review

‘His needle-sharp feeling for language feeds both his humour and his seriousness. Often he seems to push us gently into understanding that the most serious things may also be the lightest and slightest. This gives his poetry an unusual grace and lack of self-regard.’ – Helen Dunmore, Poetry Review