After Montale

After Montale

By Roy Marshall

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ISBN: 978-1-912524-40-2

Number of pages: 36

Paperback, 135x210mm


Eugenio Montale (1896–1981) is widely regarded as the greatest Italian poet of the twentieth century. His first book, Ossi di Seppia (1925) was immediately recognised as successful in its attempt to modernise the Italian lyric tradition by introducing turbulent metrics, textures and rhythms. Over a fifty-year period, Montale continued to dramatically revise his practice with each new collection.  In addition to his poetry, Montale was a prolific translator, critic and essayist. He received the Noble Prize in 1975.

Roy Marshall’s first collection, The Sun Bathers (Shoestring Press, 2013), was short listed for the Michael Murphy Award. His second collection, The Great Animator (Shoestring Press) followed in 2017. He lives in Leicestershire and works in adult education.

Praise for Roy Marshall:

‘Poems that hold words to the light until they catch it and flash with sudden truth.’ – Andrew McCulloch, Times Literary Supplement

‘A collection that is filled with invention, exceptional skill and rueful humour’ – Peter Carpenter

‘Language we can revel in, smile at, whisper in pleasure as we read.’ – Noel Williams, The North