The Moon is About 238,855 Miles Away

The Moon is About 238,855 Miles Away

By Martin Stannard

Available end of October 2019

Price: £10.00

ISBN: 978-1-912524-43-3

Number of pages: 64

Paperback, 135x210mm

English Translation

Martin Stannard lives in Nottingham and has been publishing poetry and criticism for some 40 years. He was founding editor and publisher of joe’s soap’s canoe (1978–93) and poetry editor of Decals of Desire (2016–7). His poetry and reviews have appeared in numerous magazines and journals. His most recent full-length collection is Poems for the Young at Heart (Leafe Press, 2016) and a chapbook, Items, was published by Red Ceilings in August 2018. After more than a decade teaching Literature and Culture at a university in China, he returned to the UK in early 2018.

From reviews of Poems for the Young at Heart

“You can never, it used to be (rightly) said, open Tennyson on the wrong page. The same applies to Stannard… (He) is not only an intoxicatingly entertaining poet; here he proves himself one with the emotional assurance and the artistry to strike (after exquisitely delicate preparation) the seriously subjective note.” – D M de Silva, Poetry Salzburg Review

“Martin Stannard… combines the influence of the New York School, above all Koch, with that of the English Romantics (showing a special fondness for Coleridge)… His work is celebratory and achingly funny, usually parodic, but there is an ever-present undertow of melancholy and loss, combined with philosophical exploration… The adjective that comes to mind when reading Stannard’s poetry is ‘charming’. It is a charm this reviewer finds impossible to resist.” – Ian Seed, PN Review

“Here is a major book by a major British poet who dances in the ballroom where the avant-garde meets the mainstream and, more importantly, makes us all want to dance there too. In Martin Stannard’s hands language is never tired, or threadbare, or past its sell-by date or begrudging or lightweight.” – Ian McMillan