The Feeding Station

The Feeding Station

By Hubert Moore

Price: £10.00

ISBN: 978-1-912524-35-8

Number of pages: 64

Paperback, 135x210mm


In 2001 Hubert Moore became a volunteer at ‘Freedom from Torture’. Much of his work since then has been informed by the experience of being a mentor to survivors of torture.

In Lifesaving poems (Bloodaxe, 2015) Anthony Wilson writes of Hubert Moore’s collection, The Hearing Room (Shoestring Press, 2006): “If you do not own The Hearing Room you really do need to get hold of a copy… The book is a hymn to humanity and to love. It is a book of grief and silence. On each page there is a profound sense of how far words will take you, and how far they will not. To call it beautiful is to make it sound pretty. It is a seriously beautiful book.”

Reviewing The Tree Line (Shoestring Press, 2017) in The London Grip, Wendy French writes, “This is Hubert Moore’s ninth collection and he manages through his craft and sensibilities to bring, yet again, heart-rending freshness to his work. In all of Moore’s work there is an inherent truth that is portrayed in an authentic and nonpoetic way and yet what he writes is poetry, nothing more and nothing less.”