The Stories They Told Her

The Stories They Told Her

By Carole Coates

Price: £6.00

ISBN: 978-1-912524-36-5

Number of pages: 24

Paperback, 127x203mm

The giant’s eaten all the soap. Carole Coates’ pamphlet is all about questions never answered truthfully. The child at the centre of this quirky set of poems lives with a grandmother who uses giants to explain away worrying things in a time of war. A sense of unease pervades each poem: boys are lost, a girl treads on a loaf and comes to a bad end, people have no boots and even a grandmother can’t be kept safe. Will the child escape the giants or will she not?” – Jennifer Copley

Carole Coates has published four poetry collections with Shoestring Press, the latest of which (Jacob, 2016) has been described by Carol Ann Duffy as “an extraordinarily riveting narrative poem on the pain of childhood and its long reach, written with forensic care and heart-stopping empathy”. Her pamphlet, Crazy Days (Wayleave Press, 2014) was said to be “an important piece of writing” by Dilys Wood in Artemis. She has written many lyrics but is particularly interested in blending lyric with narrative and is now working on another long narrative poem.