The Fragile Bridge

The Fragile Bridge

By Merryn Williams

Price: £12.00

ISBN: 978-1-912524-25-9

132 pages, Paperback, 135x210mm

Shoestring Press is delighted to be able to publish Merryn Williams’ New and Selected Poems, chosen from her four collections and from a substantial number of new poems. Reviewers of her work are quick to praise Williams for what one of them has called her ‘unpushy integrity,’ and all recognise her combination of adept craftsmanship with subject matter that, seemingly familiar, is made endlessly new by her exact, attentive concern.

Merryn Williams was the founding editor of The Interpreter’s House magazine. She has worked for the W.E.A. and the Open University, and brought up a family, but is now a full-time writer and literary adviser to the Wilfred Owen Association. She has published four collections of poetry and studies of Thomas Hardy, 19th and 20th century women novelists, and Ruskin’s wife, and edited various anthologies including In the Spirit of Wilfred Owen, The Georgians 1901–1930 and Poems for Jeremy Corbyn. Her YA novel, Zone Seven, will appear in 2019.

“I like the fact that your poems have real content and don’t have any truck with the fashionable nonsense of ‘calculated incoherence’, avoidance of ‘closure’ and the rest of the post-modern nonsense.” – Vernon Scannell

“Merryn Williams’ accomplished collection The Latin Master’s Story owes much to Hardy in its quarryings and hauntings of the past… She can capture the rhythms of murderous insincerity… or the pathos of forgotten other halves… The collection deepens with re-reading, the poems are ambitious within their chosen forms… the craftsmanship and evocation of uncharted lives deserve great praise; many poems were utterly convincing and greatly moving.” – Tears in the Fence

“These poems are immensely readable and largely achieve their author’s aim of creating poems that ‘work on more levels than one’… a richly rewarding collection which is well worth exploring.” – Frogmore Papers