Poetry by John Harvey

Photography by Molly Ernestine Boiling

Price: £10.00

ISBN: 978-1-912524-09-9

Number of pages: 48

Paperback, 175x236mm

Colour photos: 14

JOHN HARVEY, while best known as a writer of crime fiction, has always maintained a strong involvement with poetry. Between 1977 and 1999, his Slow Dancer Press published 13 books of poetry, 45 pamphlet collections and 30 issues of Slow Dancer magazine. Two collections of his own poetry, Ghosts of a Chance (1992) and Bluer Than This (1998) were followed by a new and selected poems, Out of Silence (2014), all published by Smith/Doorstop.

MOLLY ERNESTINE BOILING is currently studying for a BA in Art History and History at the University of Nottingham. Taking inspiration from photographers such as Alexsandr Rodchenko and William Eggleston, she has been pacing the streets with her camera since her early teens. More work can be seen on

“Harvey is a fine poet. What is most striking is the insight into the minds and hearts of others—there is a tenderness here that many British poets do not risk.” – John Burnside

“…a poetry that is neither wistful nor sentimental, rather tender and epiphanic, singles him out as a uniquely readable poet of great integrity.” – Andy Brown

“If there is a single thread, it is the poet’s continual torment at the bizarre easiness of dying … He articulates gentle fury at the fragility of life, the knowledge that one way or the other every relationship ends in leave-taking; and yet there is a huge sense of what makes life shine.” – Rosie Johnston, London Grip