14 Poems

14 Poems

By Anne Beresford

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ISBN: 978-1-912524-32-7

Number of pages: 24

Paperback, 135x210mm


A very few poets attain what I call lyric absolute, and Anne Beresford is of their number. Even now, I want to believe that the touchstone of creative endeavour is the lyric absolute, apparently untrammelled by other drives. The key word is apparently. Poets such as Anne Beresford are pure but they are not simple. Their great gift is to have their antennae permanently tuned into the world of frequencies unavailable to most of us. Then, from time to time, when a poem arrives, they seize it, play with it, caress it (the process doubling as work), before sending it back into the world on a frequency the grateful reader can find on the dial. The present work is a coda to Anne Beresford’s Collected Poems. It is a gift and a blessing.
– Anthony Rudolf