Broken Ground

Broken Ground

By M. R. Peacocke

Price: £11.00

ISBN: 978-1-912524-14-3

88 pages, paperback, 175x236mm

Includes nine photographs by Lucy Saggers

I seem to have lived my life back to front. The outbreak of war in 1939 came as a blessing to me, when my urban family moved to the country and I discovered the delights of walking, creature-watching and messing about on a farm.

There followed an academic education, teaching and travel, marriage and family life. I began a more or less solitary existence on a smallholding only when I was in my late fifties. I had written poems more or less surreptitiously all my life; at this time, I started to publish some, thanks to Harry Chambers at Peterloo Poets. Now, in my late eighties, I’ve tried the medium of prose to explore almost thirty years of farming and writing.

“Even when she’s experimenting, there’s a directness and simplicity to her work.” – Stephen Knight, London Magazine, on Selves

“… a bristly perceptive clarity for minutiae, and for the wry double-take on detail that can be deadly as well as funny.” – David Morley, in The Guardian, on Speaking of the Dead

“These poems… are like a threshold, across which there is more. Again and again they make you feel it will be worthwhile to watch, listen, attend.” – David Constantine, on Caliban Dancing