Poems in the Case

Poems in the Case

By Michael Bartholomew-Biggs

Price: £10.00

ISBN: 978-1-912524-05-1

130 pages, paperback, 135x210mm

This genre-bending volume places an eclectic poetry selection within the familiar framework of a murder mystery story.

When participants gather at a poetry workshop in rural Kent they are looking forward to a preview of a collection of posthumously discovered unpublished poems by the admired and much-missed poet Eric Jessop. Within a few days however tensions have arisen between members of the group—not least over doubts about the collection’s authenticity. When a very public confrontation is followed by two sudden and mysterious deaths will poetic sensibility prove to be of any use in determining what really happened?

Poems in the Case features poems by ten poets caught up in a classic detective story.

“Seth Buckler is not a stranger to controversy and nor would he want to be—he is nothing if not controversial” – George Hamblin in Stitch

“The death of Eric Jessop is still felt as a great loss to the poetry community. Fortunately his wonderful poetry survives.” – Julia Nelson in the 1999 Weald Barn prospectus

“Abigail Forsberg’s poetry may be an acquired taste: but she is well able to persuade her readers to want to acquire it.” – Stephen Prince in Acupuncture

“Daisie Blake is fond of seeing a child’s point of view and this saves her from lapsing into the self-indulgent habit of composing poems about composing poems.” – Lucas Johnson in Dogger Bank