Hotel of Dreams and other stories

Hotel of Dreams and other stories

By John Lucas

Published by Plas Gwyn Books

Price: £9.99

ISBN: 978-0-9533952-2-4

198 pages, paperback, 135x210mm

Some of the stories in The Hotel of Dreams are set in England, others in Greece. But although the locales vary from factory floor to suburban dinner-table, from pub to an Aegean island waterfront, the stories, whether comic or sombre in tone, are linked by hopes and fears, disillusionments and the persistence of dreams.

John Lucas is a well-known poet and critic, and the author of many books, including 92 Acharnon Street, an account of a year in Greece, winner of the 2008 Authors’ Club Travel Book Award, Next Year Will Be Better: A Memoir of England in the 1950s, Book of the Year for both The Guardian and The Times Literary Supplement, and The Awkward Squad: Rebels in English Cricket, short-listed for the 2015 Cricket Writers’ Book of the Year Award.

His most recent, third novel, Summer Nineteen Forty-Five, was published in 2017 by Greenwich Exchange.

John Lucas’s Waterdrops is a mystery-like series of Russian dolls, an enthralling narrative… Lucas’s is a beautiful, profoundly charitable art.” – Paul Binding, The Independent

[Waterdrops is] “a fine and extraordinary novel. Sombre, troubled, intricate, deeply searching…” – Richard Kell

The Plotting is an engaging and complex novel… which has jazz as a significant and interesting sub-theme.” – Thomas Ovans, The London Grip

The Plotting is set in the Midlands, and Lucas authentically creates the atmosphere and tensions of a city big enough to support a sort of mini-bohemia of musicians and artists and writers, but small enough for them to know each others’ business.” – Jim Burns, Northern Review of Books