Baffling Gravity

Baffling Gravity

By Andrew Sant

Price: £10.00

ISBN: 978-1-912524-16-7

94 pages, Paperback, 135x210mm

Gravity as a physical influence, the weight of gravity, and gravity of thought and action are central to Andrew Sant’s new collection of poems—and so too is the means of baffling gravity, not the least by the deployment of wit. Gravity here is also baffling in the alternative sense, as a force or as a theory, which summons perplexity. These poems, wide-ranging in time and place, are richly textured investigations of the world, its terrain and its people, by an alert, often restless, informed observer.

From reviews of Andrew Sant’s previous collection The Bicycle Thief & Other Poems:

…entertaining and effectively idiosyncratic. – Sydney Morning Herald

One of Sant’s great gifts is his ability to wed naturalness with thematic abstraction… This is poetry for lending, sharing, travelling—this collection wants to move. – Cordite

…a refined and most enjoyable collection. – Westerly

Andrew Sant’s new collection is seriously good … In a book crammed with excellent poems it’s difficult to point to any without feeling others deserve equal attention. – Critical Survey

Andrew Sant was born in London in 1950. He emigrated in 1962 with his parents to Melbourne, Australia where he completed his formal education. He has since lived in London at various times, particularly during the last decade. In 1979 after moving to Hobart he co-founded the Tasmanian-based literary quarterly, Island, and continued as an editor for ten years. He has worked as a teacher of literacy to prisoners and the unemployed, English to non-English speakers and humanities subjects to students in mainstream institutions. He has travelled widely. In 2003 he was awarded the Centenary Medal by the Australian government.