Testimony of the Trees

Testimony of the Trees

By Lynne Wycherley

Price: £7.50

ISBN: 978-1-912524-19-8

58 pages, Paperback, 135x210mm

Following Listening to Light: new & selected poems, Lynne Wycherley’s new volume is a prayer for the living world in the face of dark digital trends. In an age increasingly swallowed up by wireless radiation, corporate greed, and addiction to small screens, embattled trees, children—and even DNA—shimmer with endangered beauty. Long known as a lyrical poet, and more recently as a science writer, Wycherley has brought the two dimensions together in her new collection, whose closing poems return us to the spiritual realm of nature that has always been close to her heart. Lynne is a health refugee living in Devon.

“In this inspiring collection, Lynne Wycherley paints pictures with words that capture the exquisite connections among living creatures and the dangers posed by the unprecedented rising sea of radiofrequency radiation. Her gift to the world, linking the smallest to the grandest, provides uplifting moments of reflection. If we are to create a healthier world for our children, we must set limits on how and where we use technology.” – Dr Devra Davis, Nobel Prize laureate, Founder/President, The Environmental Health Trust

“Wycherley is a real Renaissance woman. Her poetry will wake you! She has the courage to ask the penetrating questions we should all be asking” – Dr Olle Johansson, Professor Emeritus, Karolinska Institute

From reviews of her previous collections:

“A unique lyric sensibility… the poems alight on the page winged and true. Not since the work of Frances Horovitz has one heard such a voice” – Penelope Shuttle

“A compelling contribution to eco-poetry” – Peter Abbs, Resurgence

“A goal is held to with clarity of eye as well as the passion of a vision” – W N Herbert