Working the Scrapbook

Working the Scrapbook

By Peter Bland

Price: £10.00

ISBN: 978-1-910323-88-5

135mmx210mm, paperback, 60pp

Working the Scrapbook is Peter Bland’s second publication with Shoestring Press, following the critical success of Remembering England (2014). In this new collection the poet debates travel, displacement, and family life. It includes the long and moving sequence Loss, written following the death of his wife Beryl in 2009. They were married for 55 years. Peter Bland’s poems are being increasingly recognised for their warmth and emotional insight. He remains, at 83, among New Zealand’s surest and most readable poets.

“Family provides Peter Bland with much of his most sustained and moving material. He takes us into the warm, familial spaces that human history is made of but ‘History’ seldom records.” – Gregory O’Brien, Landfall

“Bland’s impulse has been to continually celebrate the displaced and unremarkable. He ponders themes of exile as liberation, and the necessity of an imaginative homelessness. Over recent decades he has helped to modernize the representation of landscape in New Zealand. This, alone, is no small achievement.” – Conor O’Callaghan, The Times Literary Supplement

“Peter Bland is the most painterly of New Zealand poets. His work is full of shape, shadow, and viewpoint, both literally and metaphorically.” – Kevin Ireland, New Zealand Listener

“Peter Bland’s work celebrates unexpected beauty, but it’s his complete aversion to simplifying or glamourizing the past that gives his work distinction.” – Luke Kennard, Poetry London

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