The Tree Line

The Tree Line

By Hubert Moore

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ISBN: 978-1-910323-81-6

135mmx210mm, paperback, 60pp

The Tree Line is Hubert Moore’s ninth full collection of poems. He is also the author of a prize-winning Poetry Business Pamphlet, Beautifully Kept Things (2003). His experience of working as a writing mentor for refugee writers at Freedom from Torture informs his work, which has been described as ‘beautifully exact, full of cherishing and grief.’ He has read his poems at many venues including the Royal Festival Hall, Aldeburgh and Ledbury Poetry Festivals and New Scotland Yard.

Of his eighth collection, The Bright Gaze of the Disoriented (Shoestring Press, 2014) D. A. Prince wrote in London Grip Poetry Review: “Moore does not write fictions or fanciful inventions: the closeness and reality of what he hears and experiences is the source of his poetry. It is unfailingly human, moving the heart in its precise depiction of frailty and suffering but with enough of love to offer hope. He wears his considerable poetic skills lightly, keeping them subservient to the humanity that is central to his poetry even in the face of inhuman torture; there is a strong sense here of a poet drawing the whole world into his poems.”