A Song About You

A Song About You

By John Levett

Price: £10.00

ISBN: 978-1-910323-86-1

135mmx210mm, paperback, 64pp

A Song About You is John Levett’s sixth collection of poems and his third from Shoestring Press. It is perhaps his most personal and lyrical to date, moving, to quote a critic on his last collection,“delicately across a world willed into being by his own fastidious artifice.”

From reviews of John Levett’s previous volumes:

“His diction is convincing: the simple precise words are at home with the travelled word… with that slight, quiet, quirky, metaphysical, fanciful, minute perception of a reality that is not quite reality.” – Herbert Lomas, London Magazine

“…positively Skeltonic… an Elizabethan delight in hard words and a classical pessimism, elegantly expressed.” – John Whitworth, Poetry Review

“Levett rhymes with great skill and verbal resource… to powerful effect. The way he weaves long, complex sentences through a demanding rhyme pattern powerfully builds and controls the imaginative pressure… a virtuoso handling of complex metrical and stanzaic form.” – Edmund Prestwich, Acumen

“Muscular rhyming, syntactical gymnastics and remarkable clarity… brilliant constructions using the 10 and 11 line stanza forms we associate with Keats odes. One thinks of meatphysicals, of early rhyming Lowell… because of the controlled, compressed feeling keeping in step… meticulous, resourceful, quietly self-effacing and right.” – John Forth, London Grip Poetry Review

“Reading these poems we feel ourselves suspended by ‘miraculous’ surface tension above depths that may wobble and quiver but always settle back into polished, translucent clarity. In most of the poems it is Levett’s wit and control that sharpen the pain and intensify the moments of joy… a note of pure English song.” – Andrew McCulloch, Times Literary Supplement