Summer Nineteen Forty-Five

Summer Nineteen Forty-Five

By John Lucas

Price: £9.99

ISBN: 978-1-910996-12-6

Published by Greenwich Exchange

206 pages, Paperback, 210mm x 135mm

One of Paul Binding’s TLS Books of the Year 2017

“Thirty years later, when he is in the middling part of his life… Peter Howard, needing to remember the events of summer, nineteen forty-five, will think, yes, that’s when it all began, that afternoon in early May…” What Howard needs to recall forms the subject of John Lucas’s new novel, one centring on the disappearance of a girl evacuee from a small village in the English midlands and the consequences that flow from it.

John Lucas is a well-known poet and critic, and the author of many books, including 92 Acharnon Street, an account of a year in Greece, winner of the 2008 Authors’ Club Travel Book Award, Next Year Will Be Better: A Memoir of England in the 1950s, Book of the Year for both The Guardian and The Times Literary Supplement, and The Awkward Squad: Rebels in English Cricket, short-listed for the 2015 Cricket Writers’ Book of the Year Award. Summer Nineteen Forty-Five is his third novel.

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