Celestial Joyride

Celestial Joyride

By Michael Waters

Price: £10.00

ISBN: 978-1-910323-43-4

135mmx210mm, paperback, 84pp

“It is difficult to imagine poetry could be more finely crafted and compelling than the work of Michael Waters, who has been quietly writing some of the best poetry in the United States for the past three decades.” – Stephan Delbos, The Prague Post

“In lines that are often metrically formal—the decasyllabic line appears in many of [his poems]—there is often a quite wild range of emotion, from the overtly sexual to the politically conscious, the plaintively domestic to the brashly cosmopolitan. This is highly energized verse.” – Michael Broek, Poetry International

“Waters seeks to capture the different kinds of negative space which interpenetrate American public life, history, and even the most intimate of moments ‘between two bodies’—what he calls ‘the loneliness of two people / together.’” – Jonathan Taylor, The Times Literary Supplement

“A significant American voice… testifies eloquently to the persistence of the lyric in a time and history that would seek to obliterate it.” – John Mann, World Literature Today

“Waters excels at stark-eyed, honest elegies… all rendered in the strong free verse that is [his] signature. He is a poet of detail, but also one of directness, pursuing strong feeling wherever it dives or climbs.” – Publishers Weekly

“Waters seeks and appropriates a rich, malleable language that allows him to express the subtleties of human emotion and the realities of the human condition… Michael Waters is perhaps the best poet of his generation.” – Floyd Collins, The Gettysburg Review