Chasing the Raven

Chasing the Raven

By Christopher Southgate

Price: £10.00

ISBN: 978-1-910323-61-8

135mmx210mm, paperback, 88pp

This is Christopher Southgate’s fourth collection from Shoestring Press. R. V. Bailey has called him ‘a very fine poet, not nearly so well known as he ought to be.’ William Oxley notes that ‘Love and rational curiosity are a rare mix, and rarely successful, but they are here.’ For John Nunes, ‘The more times I read, the more I see, the wider I smile.’ Anne Stevenson has written that ‘It is this passion… for love at all costs, that makes Christopher Southgate a poet worth listening to.’ Chasing the Raven extends that passionate search through old memories and recent pain, from Dartmoor.

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