Electric Psalms

Electric Psalms

By Kate Foley

Price: £12.50

ISBN: 978-1-910323-55-7

135mmx210mm, paperback, 178pp

Kate Foley lives between Amsterdam and Suffolk. She began to publish after a varied working life as a midwife, teacher, archaeological conservator, and lastly, Head of English Heritage’s research laboratory. This is her 7th full collection.

Of earlier collections:

“…the heart speaks with patient accuracy… of all kinds of love in which attention and feeling are finely tuned… a brilliant touch with imagery, a light exact way with words, and a whole basketful of unexpected perspectives… a poet with the candid Dutch, exact gaze… the gift of precise mystery…” – U A Fanthorpe

“…Foley uses a remarkable exactness and fluidity of language…” – Penelope Shuttle

“these epiphanies are earthed…” – Matt Simpson

“…consummate skill, creating poetic forms… Brilliantly focused and carefully sequenced…” – Martyn Crucefix

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