Family Tree

Family Tree

By Matthew Barton

Price: £10.00

ISBN: 978-1-910323-52-6

135mm x 210mm, paperback, 78 pages

“Some poets hunt out extraordinary material; others find what they need in the everyday scope of their and their readers’ experience. Matthew Barton’s poems bring an extraordinary quality of attention to creatures, things and people – concerned above all to grant them their own presence. Like that of many fine craftsmen, his writing is humble in its stance towards life, not in its achievement. He uses his considerable skills with rhythm, pitch and image not so much to transform things as to return them, with human value added, to themselves.” – Philip Gross

“Poetry of real class… a nuanced eye… His ability to select the apposite phrase or word, the richness of his diction, his subtle observations on relationships and the natural world result in highly individual poems edging into a spiritual/philosophical view of how objects and beings inhabit the world or, indeed, how the world inhabits them.” – Belinda Cooke, Agenda

“Poems which sensitively and economically work their way through captivity, frustration and anger, and emerge with a moment of truth…” – Anthony Thwaite, Sunday Telegraph

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