The Days After Always: New and Selected Poems

The Days After Always: New and Selected Poems

By Angela Kirby

Price: £12.00

ISBN: 978-1-910323-38-0

148x210mm, paperback, 154 pages

Angela Kirby grew up in rural Lancashire between the mill towns, has lived in Surrey, Hampshire and France and also spent a good deal of time in Spain and the USA. As well as a life-long involvement with poetry, much influenced by an elder sister, the late poet Iris (IM) Birtwistle, she has worked as a chef, garden designer, freelance journalist and is the author of five books on food, gardening and related subjects. Her widely published poems have won prizes and commendations in several major competitions, including BBC’s Wildlife Poet of the Year twice.

“As chronicler of the eternal comedy of innocence and experience, Angela Kirby has two principal subjects: matters of the heart and family life. There is a most attractive air of dash and daring in the manner in which she addresses them.” – Christopher Reid

“Angela Kirby’s poetry makes me think, laugh and wonder, three things which ought to be simple but are not. Her directness is alluring; she manages to draw you in and charm you with each delightful poem.” – Roddy Lumsden

On A Scent of Winter (2013):
“Anyone who has read Angela Kirby’s work, or seen her perform, will appreciate that there’s a thrilling licence in her attitude (her ‘one’s death approaches and so one had better get on with it all’) that just could not be felt in the work of a younger writer.” – Julia Bird, Poetry News

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