Letter To My Rival

Letter To My Rival

By Merryn Williams

Price: £10.00

ISBN: 978-1-910323-39-7

148x210mm, paperback, 62 pages

Merryn Williams lives in Oxford and was the founding editor of the Interpreter’s House magazine. Her third collection, The First Wife’s Tale, was long-listed for the Welsh Book of the Year. This is her fourth.

“A thoroughly enjoyable read. Can’t put her down. How often does poetry do that to you?”– Peter Finch, Planet

“These are interesting, probing poems, saying difficult things, there’s nothing monotonous… Williams is a writer who knows what she’s doing, and makes a thoroughly good job of it. Her accessibility may pleasantly surprise the poetically timid, but there’s much more to The Latin Master’s Story than that.” – R.V. Bailey

“…a dryness matching U.A. Fanthorpe” – Orbis

“I like the fact that your poems have real content and don’t have any truck with the fashionable nonsense of ‘calculated incoherence’, avoidance of ‘closure’ and the rest of the post-modern nonsense.” – Vernon Scannell

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