Like Life

Like Life

Selected Poems of Stanley Cook

Edited by John Killick

Price: £11.00

ISBN: 978-1-910323-26-7

Stanley Cook (1922-1991) was a self-effacing Yorkshireman who wrote copiously whilst earning a living first as a schoolteacher and latterly as a lecturer. His work is notable for its immediacy and humanity. His long poem ‘Woods Beyond a Cornfield’ (included here) was broadcast in 2014 on BBC Radio 4.

“While nearly always in the background as an observer, Cook would never watch a wedding party through a train window. Instead, he would know them intimately.” – Steven Blyth

“It is Cook’s interest in the particulars of the world he knows, his curiosity about the way it is, and his constantly re-making it for us, that will gradually earn him the readership which, like Clare, he did not find in his lifetime.” – Peter Sansom

“Stanley Cook was an exemplary, compassionate, unsentimental poet of Yorkshire. His work is solid and warm with a distinctive local and universal humanity.” – Douglas Dunn