The Taste in My Mind: Essays and Reviews

The Taste in My Mind: Essays and Reviews

By Tony Roberts.

Price: £12

ISBN: 978-1-910323-17-5

296 pages, 235 x 156mm

For some time now, the poet and critic, Tony Roberts, has been publishing essays on American (and British) poets in a number of leading journals, including PN Review, Agenda, London Magazine, New Walk and The Warwick Review. He has now collected these essays into a book, The Taste in My Mind, which in its wide-ranging sympathies and critical acuity provides an ideal road-map for anyone wanting to explore the rich variety of modern American poetry.

“As one of the subjects in Tony Roberts’ The Taste in My Mind, and as the friend of others here considered, I was prepared for disappointment. Criticism of poetry and fiction is mostly uninteresting, whichever side of the Atlantic it comes from, and consistently so when the critic is scouring work on the other side, whether by Brit or by American. Tony Roberts is, however, a splendid translator of our English and theirs. Not a professional critic, he soars beyond the lesser variety with opinions, is always cogent, spirited, genial, informed, entertaining and–praise the Lord!–lacking in any social or theoretical agenda other than respect for the occasion of reader meeting writer. In America now, if students like something very much, it is “awesome.” Double awesome is my opinion of The Taste in My Mind.” – Dave Smith,Visiting Professor of English and Writer-In-Residence, the University of Mississippi

“On both English and American poets Tony Roberts is widely informative and his enthusiasms are catching.” – Michael Mott, The World of Richard Dadd, Woman and the Sea: Selected Poems

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