The Awkward Squad: Rebels in English Cricket

The Awkward Squad: Rebels in English Cricket

By John Lucas

Price: £9.99

ISBN: 978-1-910323-19-9

222 pages, paperback, 127x203mm, b/w photographs throughout

Rebels have always been part of English cricket. There were cricketing rebels in the 18th century, and there are still and always will be those who protest against one or other of cricket’s Laws, against pay and conditions, against the game’s governance, and against the presumed rights of Authority. Some were born rebels, others had rebelliousness thrust upon them; some were motivated by principle, others by sheer bloody-mindedness, and still others by a spirit of irreverent deviltry. In telling their stories, some comic, some tragic, The Awkward Squad also provides an account of the changing social scene out of which different acts of rebellion came. Like the widely-praised The Trent Bridge Battery, John Lucas’s account of the sporting Gunn family co-authored with Basil Haynes, The Awkward Squad, as was said by the reviewer in the Times Literary Supplement of the earlier book, “engagingly mixes the details of social history with the evocation of stirring deeds.”

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