The Nick of Time

The Nick of Time

By John Levett

Price: £9.00

ISBN: 978 1 910323 10 6

A temporal conceit ticks away inside many of the poems in this new collection whose subjects include narcisism, phrenology, formica, skeletons, a glitterball and fleeting appearances from Albert Camus and Antoine Lavoisier. Time, invented according to Bergson, to stop everything happening at once, revolves like a faceted mirror to throw new light on old structures and eerily illuminate their increasingly complex attempts to outface their own ruin.

From reviews of John Levett’s previous Shoestring collection A Short History Of Mornings:

“John Levett has that enviable mastery of form which makes itself unobtrusive yet packs a devastating punch, and his examinations of the darkness and wonder behind everyday objects combine this pleasing formal harmony with unsettling ideas…the fragility of life subtly emphasized through images of transience and brittleness. I loved almost every poem in this collection, and several made me cry, which is surely the best endorsement any reader can give.” – Rachel Playforth, The Frogmore Papers

“A stunning, must-have collection.” – David Ashbee, The South

“Wit is a recurrent pleasure in this volume, reflecting the unsentimentality and the sharp intelligence with which Levett confronts the world.” – Edmund Prestwich, Acumen

“As a technician Levett can be virtuosic. The precision is exemplary and there’s nothing surplus to requirements…concerned with the fidelity of witness he rhymes with effortless elegance…the rhyme-partners carrying the irony so lightly that the tempo never slackens, in service to the vision.” – Tim Liardet, Warwick Review

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