In Those Days

In Those Days

By Remco Campert

Price: £9.00

ISBN: 978-1-910323-14-4

Winner of the 2015 Vondel Prize for Translation Award

In Those Days, the second book of Campert’s poetry to appear in the UK in recent years, reveals him as a major European poet. A leading figure in the Dutch ‘Fifties’ movement in poetry, he has continued to write with undiminished vitality. In these poems he treats serious matters – love, poetry, growing old and the final curtain – with a delicate, often ironic and understated touch. His material is everyday life – gallery openings, film premieres, street encounters and café scenes in Antwerp, Paris and Amsterdam. His columns, novels, poetry and many live readings have made him one of the Netherlands’ most loved writers. Donald Gardner’s selection gives a panorama of his poetry from the early 1950s to others which are very recent.

‘Listen carefully to what I keep silent about’—Remco Campert

‘What’s so marvellous is that someone who appears to do nothing but mumble a few dead ordinary words, without getting worked up about anything, can say so much.’—Louis Lehmann

About I Dreamed in the Cities at Night:

‘[Campert] is a poet of clarity and irony, even at times despairingly aphoristic […] But he also writes at greater length, without losing any
of his lucidity. His poetry focuses, in a matter-of-fact manner on the everyday. This is a book full of désabusé wisdom; expertly conveyed by the
translator, Donald Gardner.’ Daniel Weissbort, Poetry Review

‘The word “great” somehow conjures up the wrong associations with someone [Campert] whose attitude to poetry has always been imbued
with the matter-of-fact and the everyday and whose whole work displays an aversion to big words or major statements.’ Paul Binding, Ambit

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