Poetry in the Blood

Poetry in the Blood

Edited by Tony Roberts

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ISBN: 978 1 910323 07 6

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Taking as a point of departure a comment by the American poet Robert Hass, that poetry which has ‘gotten into the blood’ becomes autobiography, Poetry in the Blood poses one question to more than a score of practising poets: ‘What poetry have you carried with you for so long that it has entered your bloodstream?’ Some of the essay-length answers illustrate the extent to which poetry influences our way of seeing the world; others reveal how excellence energises the creative spirit. All testify to the power of the poem.

Essays by: Clare Brant, Nadine Brummer, Jim Burns, Roger Caldwell, John Greening, Richard Kell, Angela Leighton, John Lucas, Alexis Lykiard, Paul McLoughlin, Christine McNeillHelena Nelson, Tony Roberts, Lawrence Sail, Andrew SantJonathan Taylor, Michael Waters, John Weston, John Hartley Williams, Merryn Williams, Gregory Woods.