Dark Cupboards New Rooms

Dark Cupboards New Rooms

By Adrian Caesar

Price: £9.00

ISBN: 978 1 910323 01 4

Adrian Caesar was born in Manchester, U.K. and has lived in Australia since 1984.

Dark Cupboards New Rooms is his fifth book of poems. He has also written several books of literary criticism and a prize-winning non-fiction novel, The White. Formerly Associate Professor of English at UNSW@ADFA, he subsequently taught creative writing part-time at the Australian National University. He continues to write in Canberra where he lives with his wife and family.

Adrian Caesar’s admirable collection surely earns him a place among his adopted country’s many fine poets born in the decade or two
after the Second World War. — Michael Costigan, Australian Book Review

Technically his poems are clean and dance with the assuredness of an Astaire-like rhythm. — Katrina Iffland, The Canberra Times

Here are poems dealing with ordinary suburban life, memories of war, being a migrant, working with colleagues – crafted in precise
imagery and written with elegance and restraint … The deftness and subtlety of his language makes you aware of the spaces between
the vivid moments, the tensions around and among people, objects, desires. — David Gilbey, The Daily Advertiser

His uncluttered verse speaks directly to us … It is the tension wound up from remembrance of things past which energises much of the verse here. Caesar binds autobiographical resonance to contemporary evaluations. — Christopher Bantick, Sunday Times (Canberra)

Caesar’s interest is not only in the way we are, but with how we think about the way we are. There is real subject matter in this book and considered skill in the manner of its decoding. — Peter Porter

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