Open Doors

Open Doors

By Anna Adams

Price: £9.00

ISBN: 978 1 907356 96 4

Although not as widely known as it deserves to be, the work of Anna Adams (1921 – 2011) has never lacked for discriminative admirers. She prefers a formal approach, which she exercises with great skill. Her subject-matter is largely drawn from outdoors – landscapes and creatures – but she also shows perspicacity and wit in dealing with human subjects. This Selection of her poems, made by John Killick, is intended to introduce her distinctive oeuvre to new readers and to remind others that her work can, as the poet and critic Helena Nelson says, “stand, and withstand, the test of time.”

“Anna Adams is not lost. She is here, waiting to be found where she has always been, between the lines of her poems… Her voice is quiet but there are poems that will work on you.” – Helena Nelson

“Her material and her forms nourish each other, and the reader encounters a perhaps over-familiar North Country world in a fresh livery.” – Peter Porter

“It is surprising that Anna Adams’s poetry is not better-known, for her technique is masterly and her subjects fascinating.” – Anne Stevenson

“Essentially a nature poet in the best sense; one who presents through her detailed knowledge of and sensitive response to landscape, flora and fauna, a vision of the world and the human predicament.” – Vernon Scannell

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