The Bright Gaze of the Disoriented

The Bright Gaze of the Disoriented

By Hubert Moore

Price: £9.00

ISBN: 978 1 910323 05 2

After retiring from more than forty years of teaching in 1999, Hubert Moore spent nine years as a writing-mentor at the Medical Foundation for Victims of Torture, now called Freedom from Torture. The Bright Gaze of the Disoriented – the title points to the experience not only of exile but also to that of emergence into the open and the sharpening of sensation which that can bring – is his eighth full collection, and the fourth to be published by Shoestring Press.

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Praise for Hubert Moore:

“These poems are beautifully exact, full of cherishing and grief.” David Constantine of the award-winning pamphlet Beautifully kept things (2003)

The Hearing Room shows Hubert Moore’s powers of perception to be undimmed. As in its predecessor, Touching Down in Utopia, Moore is by turns appalled by the excesses of humanity, touched by its capacity for unexpected affection and diverted by its idiosyncrasies.” Michael Thomas, Other Poetry

“It is such a pleasure to quote from Whistling Back that one can give a false impression of abundance easily achieved. But these are poems which achieve their wisdom with great technical skill.” William Bedford, The Warwick Review